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Bill Helin Velura ™ Throw $41.99 Available today!

Embroidered on our Velura fabric that is so soft for use as an everyday throw, these whimsical designs are ideal for both kids and adults.

100% polyester

Packaged in vinyl zippered bag.

These embroidery designs make use of traditional motifs in an evocative contemporary style. They are simple, playful Life Crests representing mythological creatures that originate from stories told, designed, painted and sculpted in wood and stone, by Bill's Tsimshian ancestors.

Sharing the language of love through....Life Crest Designs:

The Otter has a sense of humorand enjoys fun and

games. He is carefree and brightens gloomy days. In Tsimshian mythology this happy fellow never takes anything seriously, although some of his pranks backfired on him as not everyone can take a joke!

Legends attribute to him the power to transform people into animals.

The Otter is a symbol you'd give to someone who brightens your days, for the life of the party, or for that happy person who spreads joy wherever they go.

The Dolphin is a joyful, playful traveler, a sensitive spirit.

The Killer whale is always regarded with respect and awe by the Northwest Coastal Indians. He is the subject of much fantasy and superstition. Legends encourage living in harmony with these mammals.

The Killer whale is given to show respect and awe. It's the symbol you'd give to someone who brings harmony to your life.
They are a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life.

The Tsimshian people, who have lived with these bears for thousands of years, have a myth about the white bears that says �Raven made one in every ten black bears white to remind the people of a time when glaciers covered this land and how the people should be thankful for the lush and bountiful land of today.�
Many believe the Spirit Bears hold super-natural powers, hence the name Spirit Bear � a name that suits its mythical like presence.

Packaged in vinyl zippered bag.

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About the artist:
Bill Helin ( WeLaaxum Yout ) was born in Prince Rupert, B.C. in 1960. His ancestry is Tsimshian Indian and Norwegian. Both Tsimshian Grandparents were Chiefs.

Bill's many masterpieces are found in collections around the world and have even traveled in outer space. His creative inspirations are portrayed in many different mediums and his designing/artistic abilities have no boundaries.
Care Instructions:
Wash before use. Wash separately in cold water, machine wash. Do not bleach. Gentle dry.
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Bill Helin Velura ™ Throw

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