Bill Helin Vicuna™ Blanket
Bill Helin Vicuna™ Blanket $99.99 Available today!

For a gift that has a West Coast feel, these unique licensed designs by Bill Helin are ideal for conferences to Vancouver, Victoria or


A vicuna blanket with whipstitched edge and Bill Helin Signature patch. This blanket has the look and feel of wool, but is machine washable for easy care. 60% polyester / 40% acrylic.

Fabric is made in USA and then cut and sewn in Richmond, BC for a truly North American product.

Blankets have always been an integral part of North American life from their early use as clothing and shelter to their trading value as a form of barter exchange. In honor of these traditions, Kanata has recreated these Tsimshian Life crest designs by Bill Helin on these unique blankets.

In Tsimshian mythology, each symbol has powerful meanings:

The Eagle is a symbol of power and prestige while his 'down' symbolizes peace and friendship. He is highly respected by all who share his environment.

The Raven was the first symbol and crest of Northwest Coastal Indians. As the Creator's assistant, he created all things that exist -with mysterious trickery. This mystical bird is a symbol of prestige - a cultural hero.

The Wolf - prowler of the night, traveling in packs to keep strong, and supporting each other. Because of his hunting prowess, many Natives tried to assume the spirit of the wolf to enhance their own hunting prowess and senses for the wilderness. The Wolf is given to show respect; it symbolizes supporting one another as within a relationship, a team or a family.

Sharing the language of love through....Life Crest Designs.

Packaged in vinyl zippered bag.

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Care Instructions:
Machine washable for easy care.Machine wash cold separately. Hang to dry. Do not bleach.
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Bill Helin Vicuna™ Blanket

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