ECO Bamboo Bath Robe
ECO Bamboo Bath Robe $96.99 Available today!

The ideal Robe for wearing around the house or after a

shower or bath - just so comfortable. The luxurious softness of this robe is only one reason that environmentally friendly bamboo makes an excellent choice.

This new fabric offers unparalleled advantages:
* Extremely durable, but so soft it feels like silk, yet can be machine washed.
* Anti-microbial, containing an agent "bamboo kun" that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it.
* Hypo-allergenic, so ideal for those with sensitive skin.
* Super moisture absorption and is more absorbent than cotton.
* Thermodynamic for added comfort, this breathable fabric ensures you are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Wrap around Robe with shawl collar, side pockets and double belt loops for ease of fit. Subtle herringbone design adds texture to this Robe.

Content:30% bamboo / 70% cotton - creates a quality fabric that wears well.

For packaging options will require large size box.

Great for both men and women, generous unisex sizing:

Approximate sizing:
1/2 Chest 60cm / 24"

1/2 bottom Width 64 cm/ 25"

Sleeve length from shoulder 53 cm / 21"

Back length from collar 120 cm / 48"

Top of 54 cm / 21"
sleeve width

Sleeve 40 cm / 15.75"

Belt 176 cm / 69 "

1/2 Chest 70 cm/27.5"

1/2 bottom Width 72 cm /28"

Sleeve length from shoulder 57 cm / 22"

Back length from collar 120 cm /48"

Top of Sleeve width 56 cm/22"

Sleeve hem 44 cm / 17"

Belt 195 cm / 77"

1/2 Chest 74 cm/29"

1/2 bottom Width 79 cm /31"

Sleeve length from shoulder 60 cm / 24"

Back length from collar 125 cm /49"

Top of Sleeve width 58 cm/23"

Sleeve hem 50 cm / 19.5"

Belt 240 cm / 94"

1/2 Chest 80 cm/31.5"

1/2 bottom Width 84 cm /33"

Sleeve length from shoulder 63 cm / 25"

Back length from collar 127 cm /50"

Top of Sleeve width 68 cm/27"

Sleeve hem 54 cm / 21.25"

Belt 240 cm / 94"

Bamboo is a sustainable resource that is biodegradable and can be grown without pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers, so benefits our eco systems.
Bamboo protects the air we breathe, releasing 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.
It can be harvested with virtually no impact on the environment, and without killing the plant, so is ready to be harvested again in just a few months.
Bamboo is more than renewable; some species grow 47 inches a day. Bamboo matures in 3 to 5 years and grows almost anywhere. There are more than 1,500 species of bamboo.
Bamboo, being a natural fiber, is 100% biodegradable.
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ECO Bamboo Bath Robe

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