Kanata Quillow
Kanata Quillow $116.99 Available today!

This unique Quillow is designed for travel, sporting events or
just snuggling. Practical and easy to fold, it doubles as a pillow
or a soft blanket. Ideal as an emergency blanket in the car or as a decorative accent in any home.

Micro fur reversed with super soft faux lambswool in vanilla,
the pillow unfolds into a warm, soft blanket.

Pillow 20" x 14". Blanket 50" x 60"

And no more cold feet when watching TV! (Just tuck your feet in the unfolded pillow pocket.)

Polybagged. For packaging options, where a choice in sizes, requires large size.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash for easy care - cold. Suggest to wash separately. Gentle dry.



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Kanata Quillow

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