Lovely Linen  Adjustable Baby Sling
Lovely Linen Adjustable Baby Sling $79.99 Available today!

Carry your baby in style with this classy, sage sling and forget about those other awkward baby carriers. Pretty Momma Slings are designed with comfort and ease in mind and this one is fashioned from a linen blend to ensure the ultimate in coziness and durability. This sling is fabricated with unique and powerful adjustable rings to ensure effortless use, and safety. Tested for strength and resilience, this sling can be safely used for newborns and children weighing up to 35lbs and only gets softer and softer after washing.


Fabric type: Linen blend and scrumptiously soft!

  • Condition: New

Lovely Linen Adjustable Baby Sling

Price: $79.99
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