Pic-Mix Outdoor Blanket
Pic-Mix Outdoor Blanket $42.99 Available today!

A great gift for all seasons...

Fall weather means one thing: the start of the sports season for high schools, universities and professional leagues. And sports spectators and tailgaters alike will love the unique Pic-Mix, to provide comfort and style on cold bleachers.

Or just to keep dry from damp ground when enjoying festivals and outdoor concerts throughout the year.

An ideal gift to keep in the car for use anytime.

And when the sun is shining, beautiful weather means one thing: time to enjoy the outdoors. Whether picnicking, camping, lazing at the beach or pool, or just enjoying your own back yard, the unique Pic-Mix blanket provides comfort and style.

Easy to carry and store, it folds into a convenient cover, attached with Velcro.

The removable cover has a hand carry strap and a front pocket, that is ideal for easy embroidery.

Dimensions: 51x59 in, 129.54x149.86 cm

Colours Available: Blue plaid with black cover(#40151/40156), Blue plaid with khaki cover(#40151/40159), Blue plaid with red cover(#40151/40158), Blue plaid with royal blue cover(#40151/40157), Cream plaid with black cover(#40152/40156), Cream plaid with khaki cover(#40152/40159), Cream plaid with red cover(#40152/40158), Cream plaid with royal blue cover(#40152/40157), Orange plaid with black cover(#40153/40156), Orange plaid with khaki cover(#40153/40159), Orange plaid with red cover(#40153/40158), Orange plaid with royal blue cover(#40153/40157), Teal plaid with black cover(#40154/40156), Teal plaid with khaki cover(#40154/40159), Teal plaid with red cover(#40154/40158), Teal plaid with royal blue cover(#40154/40157), Yellow plaid with black cover(#40155/40156), Yellow plaid with khaki cover(#40155/40159), Yellow plaid with red cover(#40155/40158), Yellow plaid with royal blue cover(#40155/40157)
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Pic-Mix Outdoor Blanket

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