Wear Supportive Nursing Bra to Reduce Breast Discomfort During Pregnancy and After Child Birth

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A supportive  nursing bra is one of the best ways to reduce breast discomfort  women experience during pregnancy and after child birth. The most joyful period of every woman’s life is the birth of a newborn  baby. While this period is filled with joy it can also be filled with discomfort. In this piece we are going to discuss some of the discomfort some women experience after the birth of a child and ways to reduce these discomforts by wearing good supportive nursing bra.

Breast discomfort women experience during pregnancy and after child birth

Breast discomfort women experience during pregnancy and after the birth of a child are; breast tenderness,  mastitis, fibrocystic breast changes,  and  breast engorgement. These breast discomforts can be relieved by wearing good supportive nursing bra

Breast Tenderness

Breast tenderness is a result of increased estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy. This cause the fat layer of breasts to thicken and the number of milk ducts and glands to increase during the first trimester, many women experience breast tenderness. One of the ways to reduce the symptoms of breast tenderness is to wear a larger  bra with good support. Wear a supportive bra, even while sleeping. As your breasts increase in size, change your bra size to ensure adequate support. Because the breasts enlarge significantly and become heavier throughout pregnancy, you need to wear a firm, supportive bra with wide straps to balance the weight of the breasts. Anticipate buying a larger-sized bra about halfway through your pregnancy because of the increasing size of the breasts. Avoid using soap on the nipple area because it can be very drying. Rinse the nipple area with plain water while bathing to keep it clean. Do not use alcohol or other antiseptics on the nipples

Breast Discomfort Due to Mastitis

Mastitis is an infection or inflammation of the connective tissue in the breast that occurs primarily in lactating or engorged women. Mastitis could be due to bacteria infection resulting from cracked nipples, wearing tight bra,  clogged ducts or ducts that drain poorly, irregular or missed feedings; failure to allow the infant to empty one breast completely before moving on to the next breast; poor latch and transfer of milk due to illness of mother or infant. 

How to relieve symptoms of Mastitis

You can relieve mastitis by wearing  supportive bra 24 hours a day to support the breasts for comfort. Take medications as prescribed by your physician.  Continue breast-feeding  to keep the milk flowing. Always begin feeding on the most affected breast to allow it to be emptied first. Massage the breasts before and during breast-feeding to encourage milk extraction. Increase fluid intake to stay hydrated.  Gently massage toward nipple several times daily. Vary your infants breast-feeding position. Positioned your infant correctly on the nipple to prevent discomfort. Practice good hand hygiene techniques to reduce risk of bacterial infection. 

Discomfort Due Breast Engorgement

Breast engorgement usually occurs during the first week after birth. This is due to sudden change in hormones and the presence of an increased amount of milk in the breast.

How to alleviate the symptoms of breast Engorgement

If you are breast-feeding,  wear a supportive bra 24 hours a day to support the breasts for comfort. Place ice packs on your beast for no more than 15 mins at a time several times a day.  Feed your baby at least every 2 to 3 hours, using manual expression just before feeding to soften the breast so the newborn can latch on more effectively. Allow the newborn to feed on the first breast until it softens before switching to the other side. If you are bottle-feeding, wear a snug, supportive bra 24 hours a day, and take mild analgesics such as Tylenol . Avoid any stimulation to the breasts that might foster milk production, such as warm showers or pumping or massaging the breasts.

Relieving Symptoms of Fibrocystic Breast change

To relieve the discomfort of  fibrocystic breast changes; wear an extra-supportive bra to prevent undue strain on the ligaments of the breasts .Take medications as recommended by your doctor to stabilize the monthly hormonal levels. Eat a low-fat diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains to maintain a healthy nutritional lifestyle and ideal weight. Apply heat to the breasts to help reduce pain.  Reduce salt intake to reduce fluid retention and swelling in the breasts. Avoid caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, soda) which tend to trigger breast discomfort.

Instructions on how to care for your breast after child birth

Regardless of whether you are breast-feeding your newborn or not,  wear a very supportive, snug bra 24 hours a day to support enlarged breasts and promote comfort. If you are breast-feeding, wear a supportive bra throughout the lactation period.  If you are not nursing, wear supportive bra until engorgement ceases, and then wear a less restrictive bra. The bra should fit snugly while still allowing the you to breathe without restriction. As a new mother  use plain water to clean your breasts, especially the nipple area; soap is drying and should be avoided.


We have discussed the various breast discomfort women experience during pregnancy and after giving birth and ways to alleviate these symptoms. One of the ways to reduce breast discomfort is to wear support bra 24 hours during lactation as to reduce breast engorgement and provide comfort. Always remember to measure your bra size before buying one

Shopping for women’s clothing online!- Tips to help you Shop Successfully and Smartly


Many people have come on board with online shopping, but there are still some who are hesitant shopping online especially shopping for women’s clothing online. Some of these people have real concerns that prevent them from enjoying the benefits of shopping online  for women’s  clothing. We have devoted this article to discuss the benefits of online shopping, and also address some of the concerns of people who are still reluctant to shop online.

Benefits of shopping for women’s clothing online

Many of us prefer to shop for women’s clothing,  underwear, bras, bags, and  jewelry  online  because of the great benefits  we enjoy when we buy these items online. Some of these benefits are;   you have a wide variety of catalogs, brands and styles to choose from. You save both time and money, and  also you will not buy things out of impulse.

A wide variety of catalogs, brands and styles  of women’s clothing to choose from.

One of the greatest benefits of shopping for women’s clothing online is that you have a wide collection of catalogs, brands and styles to choose from.  When you shop online you have access to stores in different parts of the  country. You can access their catalog and find products you would not have found in your locality.  Shopping online gives you unlimited access to great quality women’s clothing from different brands. All you do is to choose what you like either style or brand depending on your preference.  Shopping online gives you unlimited access to styles and brands of women’s clothing to choose from

Buying   women’s clothing online saves you time and money

When you buy women’s clothing and other items such as  underwear, bags, bras  or jewelry online you do not have to waste time and gasoline driving to the mall. Neither do you have to stand on the line to wait and pay for your items. You sit in the comfort of your home and search the web for online women’s clothing stores. You can have the websites of couple of these stores open simultaneous on different windows of your browser. You browse through each store, see what they have, compare styles and prices. When you find the clothes, bags, underwear,  bra or jewelry you like, you add  them to your shopping carte and return at your convince to review your shopping carte before placing your order. Having the luxury of going through your shopping carte several times helps you to eliminate what you really do not want and pay only for want you need In this way you are not buy out of impulse. But paying or what you need.

When you Shop online you do not buy impulsively

Often when people go to the mall, they end up buying clothing or other items they did not budget for. They pick and pay for these items simply because they like them without asking themselves if it is something they need. Buying for clothing and other items online saves you from buying impulsively because you have time to review your shopping carte as many times as you want. You have time to ask yourself if you really want those items in your shopping carte, if not, you remove them. By reviewing your shopping carte  multiple times before placing your order saves you money on clothing, bags. bras or underwear you may not need. It also saves you another trip to  the mall to return unwanted items.

Concerns that Prevent Some  People from Enjoying the Benefits of  buying  Women’s Clothing online

Some of  the greatest concerns of those who are reluctant to shop for clothing online are; buying for clothing online will not give me the opportunity to touch and feel the texture of the material from which the clothes are made from. They would also not be able to wear the clothes and makes sure it fits before they pay for it. Another concern they have is that they are afraid of exposing their credentials online. All these are real and legitimate concerns. We will address them all so as to help you enjoy the benefits of shopping online for your clothing.

Facts you need to know to help you successfully shop for women’s clothing online

To be able to shop successfully online  for women’s clothing there are basic information you need to know about yourself.  One of these information is the size of clothing you wear. We live in an information age. Part of living in this age is that,  there are basic information about yourself. your body you should have at your fingertip; such as your birthday, your weight and height. To  successfully buy your clothing online you should know your measurements; your waistline, hipline,  bustline,  your blouse (top) and  skirt length. These basic information about your body helps you to select the size of the clothing that is  appropriate for you. With  this information about your body, you will use the online retailer’s sizing chart to pick the correct size of the clothes that will fit you.  If you know the size of the clothing that fits you, you do not have to wear it before you take it home. Wearing a dress before buying is a kind of trial and error. This is necessary  if you do not know your body measurement and  the size  of clothing you wear.  

It is important to always look at the sizing chart on the retailer’s website  before selecting your size for any particular dress or clothing article you want to buy.  Different designers may use different criteria to determine the size of the dresses or clothing they make. What is important is that you select the size that matches the values for different parts of your body.  

You should have a tactile perception of the texture of textile material  used in making women’s clothing

Women’s clothing are made from different types of material; such as cotton, nylon, silk,  polystyrene or polyester, wool. Linen, satin, lace, etc, Part of living in an information age that will enable you to shop  successfully for  women’s clothing online is to have  tactile  perception of the texture of textile materials. This basic knowledge in textile will guide you when buying for women’s clothing online. Often many online retailers give you a good description of the material the dress or clothing items is made from. If you have a good tactile perception of texture of different textile material, you can confidently choose the clothing items online without having to physically touch them before you pay for them.  

Use  PayPal payment system as an added security to help online retailer keep your credentials safe

It is important to note that shopping online could potentially expose your credentials to online hackers. To this effect many online stores make effort to protect their customers’ credentials by using secure payment systems, despite the online retailers’ best effort some of these hackers still find loop holes to steal data. Fortunately, despite the hackers’ disparate efforts life will continue. You can assist the online retailers to protect your credentials. You can do this by signing up for PayPal. Setting up payment using PayPal is an added security over that provided by the online retailers. When you set up payment with PayPal  you do not have to enter your information every time you shop on line.  Simply clicking  on  PayPal button  takes you directly to PayPal secure website where you login into your PayPal account and make payment for your purchases. By using PayPal payment system, you have added an extra security  to that the retailer provides at no extra cost to you. In addition to an added security. making payment with PayPal gives you peace of mind that you are doing business with retailers who are verified and trusted. You do not have to worry if your item will be delivered or not. All retailers who use PayPal payment system have been verified by PayPal and deemed trust worthy to do business with the public. If in any event you have concerns about the purchases you made, when you contact PayPal you will be sure that PayPal will be on your side to make sure you are not swindled by unscrupulous online retailers.

Summary of the tips you need to successful shop  for women’s clothing online

Some of the benefits of shopping online for women’s clothing; you have unlimited catalogs, brands  and styles to choose from. You save time and money and you also avoid buying impulsively.   Some of the ways to alleviate your concerns about shopping for clothing online are; you need to know the size of dresses or clothing  you wear. Have a tactile perception of the texture of textile materials used in making  women’s clothing  and finally help online retailers to secure your information by making payment using PayPal.